Yellowfin Tuna “Ahi Tuna” Steaks (fresh, wild) by the pound


Product Description

  • Flavor Profile: medium flavor, rich, meaty, light minerally finish
  • Texture Profile: firm, large flakes, dense, tender when served raw/rare/medium rare
  • Pack Size: by the pound
  • Origin: Hawaii and Fiji
  • Catch Method: trolling lines, Unassociated Purse Seine
  • Seasonality: year-round
  • Sustainability Rating: Best Choice (Trolling lines) / Good Alternative (Unassociated Purse Seine, non-FAD) - Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch
  • Recommended Preparation: raw, seared, grilled, ceviche, sauté, poached, sushi
  • Nutritional Info (serving size 1/2 pound)  Calories 247, Fat 2.3g, Cholesterol 103mg, Sodium 82mg, Carbohydrates 0g, Fiber, 0g, Sugars 0g, Protein 51g, Calcium 42mg, Iron 7mg, Potassium 1002mg, Vitamin A 135mg, Vitamin D 0mcg, Omega 3's 547mg

Yellowfin tuna are caught in subtropical regions worldwide, but most of our selectively sourced product comes out of Hawaii and Fiji due to global sustainability concerns with this species. Under US regulations, wild-caught Pacific Yellowfin tuna is sustainably managed and responsibly harvested; however, the management of the Yellowfin fishery in the Western Pacific and Pacific Islands, by NOAA and the Pacific Fishery Management Council, is complicated because of the highly migratory behavior of the species in addition to the level of international cooperation needed to achieve its sustainability.