commercial fisherman filleting wild salmon
Quality Matters
Fresh Fish from Dock to Dish
fishmonger filleting wild king salmon
Expertise Matters
Cut-to-Order Fulfillment and Meticulous Quality Control
light blue cold alaska waters and mountains
Origin Matters
Alaska's 33,000 mile coastline and the icy cold North Pacific...
sockeye salmon heading upstream to spawn
Sustainability Matters
It is the voice of the commercial fisherman that will wield the most power and will initiate the greatest change. Let's bring together the entire market supply chain, from production to consumption, to support our responsible fisherpeople who have the most at stake in this.
fine dining and a sea scallop
Creativity Matters
"Without new ideas, success can become stale." - Anthony Bourdain

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All of our sea products are extremely high-quality, and we consolidate our product at our facility in Seattle, WA where we receive fresh fish and seafood from Alaska, the PNW, Hawaii, and South America. Quality control, high standards for what a good piece of fish should look like, speed, and sourcing are what we are good at. Give us a call or shop online!

Video: Yellowfin tuna riding the current around a seamount in Hawaii

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Fillet Video:

We primarily sell wild-caught fish. However, in order to satisfy the sashimi-grade salmon needs of our customers, we bring in limited farmed Norwegian Atlantics because they are a fantastic product for sushi applications. Here's a quick fillet demo of a Norwegian Atlantic salmon being filleted before being portioned.

Epicurean Seafood

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