About Us

 wild king salmon being filleted

Epicurean Seafood is an online retailer, based in Seattle, WA, that sells high-quality, fresh fish and seafood from all over the world. Most of our fresh product comes from Alaska, the Pacific Northwest, and Hawaii where we have maintained strong relationships with fishermen, brokers, and distributors for decades.

We view quality as efficient and intelligent behavior in all aspects of our work. Our buying, receiving, quality control, grading, filleting, portioning, temperature control, time-to-market, sustainability, and selling skills are reliant upon one another to produce the perfect product.

Our expertise as it relates species knowledge, preferred catch methods, seasonality, sustainability, product handling, filleting, portioning, packing, and shipping is a contributing factor to what makes our product top notch. Additionally, the seafood cold-chain is incredibly efficient at moving fresh fish from the fishing docks to our facility and then to you with speed and temperature control. We add value by selecting and custom cutting only the perfect pieces of fresh fish for your order. If it's not perfect, we don't ship it!

Sustainability depends upon the success of responsible commercial fishermen and women, so please support them. They are the cornerstone of a current and growing building grass roots movement to save our fisheries. The commercial fisher-people have the most at stake and hold many of the same goals as the MSC, NOAA, and the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch program. The powerful, grass-roots voice of the fisher-people combined with the scientific analysis and communications strengths of these and other environmental organizations is the equation that will get us to sustainability and can serve as a model of success for the international community.

Epicurean Seafood buys fish and seafood with a rating of Good AlternativeBest Choice, and/or Certified as provided by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch program.