Swordfish Steaks (fresh, wild) by the pound


Product Description

  • Flavor: mild, sweet, meaty, rich, ocean-fresh
  • Texture: steaky, moist, firm, dense, moderately high oil content
  • Steak Thickness: 1.25"
  • Origin: Hawaii and Southwest Pacific
  • Catch Method: shallow-set longlines
  • Seasonality: year-round
  • Sustainability Rating: Good Alternative (shallow-set longlines) - Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch
  • Recommended Preparation: grilled, sauté, bake, broil, poach
  • Pack Size: by the pound
  • Nutritional Info (serving size 1/2 pound) Calories 270, Fat 8g, Cholesterol 88mg, Sodium 202mg, Carbohydrates 0g, Fiber, 0g, Sugars 0g, Protein 191g, Calcium 8mg, Iron 3mg, Potassium 640mg, Vitamin A 270mg, Vitamin D 0mcg, Omega 3's 1850mg

At Epicurean Seafood, we source high-quality Pacific swordfish out of the Central and Southwestern Pacific, but primarily out of Hawaii. Hawaiian Swordfish is preferred over imported swordfish because of sustainability concerns, handling practices, and time-to-market. Wholesalers quickly acquire fresh swordfish at the Honolulu fish auction and fly it to us daily so we can loin and steak orders for same day outbound shipment to our customers. All our swordfish is sustainably harvested and comes from fisheries that are responsibly managed.